Labrador Dog Beds

Labradors are the UK’s most popular breed, and we have more Labrador customers than any other - and with good reason, our Large Beds and Mats were designed specifically with the Labrador in mind.

We have hundreds of happy Labrador owners, who highly rate The Red Dog Company Beds, and below is a selection of their independently verified reviews.

Labradors as a breed are over represented in the developmental diseases of elbow and hip dysplasia; unfortunately Labradors are more prone to arthritis than most other breeds. Providing arthritic dogs with a suitable bed that supports their inflamed joints is a very important part of managing this painful, progressive disease.

As the result of testing, the memory foam orthopaedic mattress in our Large Beds and Mats is the correct density to perfectly support a dog the size and weight of the Labrador - making it, we believe, the best bed for your Labrador.

Most Labradors are best in a Large, although a small working type bitch, up to 25kg will also be well catered for in a Medium.

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