Willow Green Oval Bed Outer Bed Cover

Willow Green Oval Bed Outer Bed Cover

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Made in Great Britain, our covers are comfortable, durable, attractive - and machine washable. 

Don't forget to

Check your size

When investing in a top quality dog bed it’s important to ensure that the size is right. We have beds available in small, medium and large and have a comprehensive guide on how best to size your dog for our products.

Metric Measurements

Size Dimensions
Small 50 cm x 65 cm
Medium 62 cm x 90 cm
Large 76 cm x 230 cm

Imperial Measurements

Size Dimensions
Small 19.5” x 25.5”
Medium 24.4" x 35.4”
Large 30” x 47.2”

If you are in need for any advice when it comes to sizing, we are happy to help so please feel free to contact us.