Pointing Dogs, Volume Two: The British and Irish Breeds

Pointing Dogs, Volume Two: The British and Irish Breeds

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Picking up where Volume One left off, this book continues the exploration of pointing dog breeds from a hunter’s perspective. Yet where Volume One serves as a reference book of dozens of breeds, Volume Two reflects a much deeper dive into the storied history and evolution of some of the most influential of all the bird dog breeds: setters and pointers.

Author and photographer Craig Koshyk remained relentless in his pursuit of firsthand accounts of hunting, trialing, training, and raising these dogs. He translated historical texts and spoke with experts from around the world to gain a unique insight into the role that setters and pointers play in the pointing dog landscape. More than a decade’s worth of research has been compiled into this first-of-its-kind tome that will serve as a cornerstone of any sporting dog library.

This book travels well beyond the British Isles and provides a fascinating comparison of how these dogs are hunted and trialed in America, continental Europe, and beyond. Koshyk’s work transcends time as he explores the unique history of each breed, the current situation at home and abroad, and an honest but hopeful take on the future that lies ahead. Modern dog breeds are the product of people who remain tirelessly dedicated to them, and this book honors those who have worked to revive, restore, and improve each of these breeds for generations of hunters to come.

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