Latex Upgrade
Latex Upgrade
Latex Upgrade
Latex Upgrade

Latex Upgrade

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This is an upgrade, please purchase in conjunction with one of our Dog mats, please click here to view all mats.


Natural Latex is a great alternative to Memory Foam for those who prefer natural materials.

We use latex produced from rubber trees, using the Talalay process, so the mattress is free from chemicals.

We believe Memory Foam offers the best joint support but Natural Latex comes a close second.

Natural Latex is said to be more breathable and retain less body warmth than Memory Foam, although when combined with our wool fleece toppers, there probably isn’t a material difference.

Natural Talalay Latex is significantly more expensive than Memory Foam, so there is an additional supplement, if you wish to have your Mat made with Latex.


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Check your size

When investing in a top quality dog mat it’s important to ensure that the size is right. We have mats available in small, medium and large and have a comprehensive guide on how best to size your dog for our products.

Metric Measurements

Size Weight External Size
Small Up to 8kg 64 x 47 x 10 cm
Medium 8kg - 25kg 83 x 58 x 10 cm
Large 25kg + 105 x 79 x 10 cm
Giant n/a 140 x 90 x 15 cm

Imperial Measurements

Size Weight External Size
Small Up to 18lbs 25” x 18.5” x 4"
Medium 18lbs - 55lbs 32.5” x 23” x 4"
Large 55lbs + 41.5” x 31” x 4"
Giant n/a 55” x 35.5” x 6"

Bespoke sizes also available up to a maximum of 105cm x 79cm. Click here to order.

For any questions regarding bespoke sizes or for other options please email us: If you are in need for any advice when it comes to sizing, we are happy to help so please feel free to contact us.