The Red Dogs

Vizslas are members of the Hunt, Point and Retrieve group of gundogs. An ancient breed, descended from the hunting dogs of the Magyars, their roots can be traced back to the ninth century. 

The Wirehaired Vizsla was created in the 1930s, by crossing a Vizsla with a German Wirehaired Pointer, with the aim of creating a dog with a heavier coat and more substantial frame. They can be used for shooting, deerstalking and falconry.

Our dogs are lucky enough to do all of this, but first and foremost, are members of the family. 



Our first Vizsla, she has taught me far more than I ever taught her. We competed in twenty field trials, winning awards in ten, in spite of my amateurish efforts. Even as an elderly lady, she enjoyed a day in the field more than anything else.