Yogi's a Winner!

Yogi's a Winner!

Delighted to report that Yogi has won his first field trial.

Many thanks to the Radbourne Shoot in Derbyshire, who did a fantastic job of hosting The German Shorthaired Pointer Association Novice Field Trial, despite Covid's best efforts.
Hunt Point Retrieve Trials are open to all Kennel Club recognised breeds that HPR, and yesterday's field included a Vizsla, a Weimaraner, a Large Munsterlander, two Wire-haired Vizslas, two Brittany Spaniels, three German Shorthaired Pointers and a lovely Italian Spinone.

One of the joys of HPR trials, is that you get to see such a variety of breeds, who each tackle the work in their own way.

There was plenty of game about and we lost a few dogs early on to over exuberance. Disappointing for the handlers (Yogi and I have been there!) but something that's sortable, and far preferable to a lack of drive.

We were running number ten and called up to retrieve a partridge that the previous dog had failed to find. Unfortunately we didn't have any luck either - thankfully neither did the judges, or it would have been an early bath.

We then worked along the stream in a tricky backwind, Yogi dealt with this well by casting forward, and then working back to me. A pheasant lifted ahead of him, which was shot, and duly retrieved. We now needed a good solid point and flush, which he delivered, followed by another retrieve.
Four dogs were called for a second run. Yogi worked hard close in, handling well in the thick cover, as well as ranging ahead and using the wind intelligently to cover the open ground. He pointed a hen pheasant, well ahead in the open, but she made her escape before the guns got to her.
Three dogs went to the water, where the dogs have to demonstrate a willingness to enter and retrieve from water. Thankfully this was completed with no dramas, and it was back for tea and medals - although due to covid - there was no tea or medals.

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