The Roll Mat

The Roll Mat

We've been blown away by the response to our newly launched Roll Mat.

Our luxury dog Roll Mat is as versatile as it is comfortable – equally at home in front of the Aga, protecting the sofa, in the back of the car, crate, or hotel room.

Rolls up neatly

The Roll Mat can be neatly rolled up for storage and transport, and the heavy-duty brass snap fasteners ensures it stays that way until needed.

Amazing Wool

The same wool pile fleece as our Beds and Mats means the Roll Mat is comfortable and practical. Wool quickly wicks away moisture – especially useful after a wet walk. It has excellent thermal properties, so equally suitable on warm summer days, as it is on cool winter nights.

Practical & Machine Washable

It’s also practical - Keratin, the protein in wool, breaks down bad smelling bacteria so is self cleaning to a degree. In addition, the chemical structure of wool enables it to absorb and lock away odours, only releasing them on washing. All of which explains why wool is less smelly that the alternatives. And when the time comes, the Roll Mat is machine washable, although most of the time a quick shake outside, or hoover, is all that is required.
The base is made from beautiful, hardwearing, British Tweed from a traditional, family owned, weaving mill in Yorkshire.

Selling like hot cakes!

Our customers, and their dogs, love the Roll Mats – its only just launched but we're already getting some lovely reviews.

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