How to wash a dog bed

How to wash a dog bed

A lot of the time, a shake out of any debris collected and a quick vacuum will be enough to refresh your dog’s Red Dog Company Bed or Mat, clearing it of loose fur and dried dirt. In the same vein, a lint roller can be employed to aid in fur removal or spot cleaning small areas of stain, with warm water and a gentle wool detergent, can be enough to keep the bed looking clean and tidy. Never be tempted to use bleach or other harsh chemicals on our beds as the covers are made using wool exclusively.

Washable covers

Wool has a natural structure that shields against dirt and offers natural resistance to spills but our beds are built to last and over their long lifetime it’s likely it will become necessary to clean them more throughly.

Every now and then, depending on how mucky your pup gets and if any accidents have occurred, you might choose to wash the mattress cover or the entire outer cover of the bed- at which time a gentle machine wash on a wool-cycle at 30’C will be suitable.

Wool cycle @ 30'C

Prior to machine washing the bed, shake out any dried dirt and debris from the bed, then vacuum and use a lint roller to remove more stubborn hair if needed. This will lessen the impact on your machine. Our outer covers are removable on the mats and the beds- both the mattress and the sides. The mattress of the Red Dog Company Bed and Mat are covered in a wipe clean waterproof liner, this does not need to be removed at any time as it protects the foam within from ingress of dirt and moisture. Overlying this are the beautiful wool outer covers which can be removed and washed on a gentle machine wool-wash cycle at 30’C, using a detergent suitable for pure wool products. The wool fabric suffers minimal shrinkage on a wool cycle and is colour fast.

After Washing / Drying

The covers, once washed, need to be air dried and replaced on the bed or mat whilst just ever so slightly still damp- this aids in getting the covers neatly back in place. We’ve used sturdy, good quality zips so even with frequent use they will continue to run well. By having removable covers, it means they fit into most front loading washing machines.

Removable covers

By washing only the covers and not needing to force an entire dog bed, foam and all, in to the machine, it removes the danger of ending up with a lumpy dog bed- which can be neither comfortable, supportive or attractive.

Wonderful wool

Wool is a wonderful natural product that is used extensively in our products. Wool is a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable resource, making it an environmentally friendly option and we’re proud to use British wool, thereby supporting our farmers whilst keeping air-miles and our carbon footprint low. We believe wool is the perfect material for dog beds as it has the ability to absorb moisture in a damp environment and release it in a dry environment - this so called ‘breathability’ will lessen the need to wash the bed and prolong the bed’s lifetime; wool can reduce the amount of pet odour experienced; it’s a complex natural fibre that is not only hypoallergenic but is extremely hard wearing and it provides a warm and comfortable place for your dog to rest.