Best Orthopaedic Dog Bed UK

Best Orthopaedic Dog Bed UK

The Independent recognises The Red Dog Company as maker of the “Best orthopaedic dog bed’

We are proud that in ‘The best dog beds for 2022’ The Independent rated us 10/10 and had this to say ‘For the crème de la crème of dog beds, we’d turn to the Red Dog Company’….

Designed with dogs in mind

Given the length of time our four-legged friends spend lying down resting or sleeping, it’s worth giving careful consideration to the bed you buy them. Before starting The Red Dog Company, we were repeatedly disappointed by the quality, aesthetics, and lack of longevity in the dog beds on the market. We set out to make the best dog beds we could; ones that look good in your home, stand the test of time, tread lightly on our planet, and most importantly to help dogs to sleep better and improve their wellbeing.

Arthritis in dogs

With arthritis being a common cause of chronic pain in dogs, we decided to use a memory foam mattress that moulds to the body, so guarding against pressure points and allows inflamed, arthritic joints to rest more comfortably. The mattress needs to be supportive too, so the dog’s weight does not sink through to the hard ground - hence our use of a combination of a high-density foam base and memory foam upper, to create our comfortable orthopaedic mattress.

The best bed for your dog

Some dogs like to curl up and feel secure or rest their head with a sided bed whilst others prefer to stretch out more fully - either because they overheat or just find it easier to get more comfortable that way. For arthritic dogs that prefer a sided bed, we’ve kept the front edge low, so there’s not a significant step into or out of the bed. We’ve created mats and beds, both using our orthopaedic mattress and both coming in a range of sizes. Having said that, if we don’t have a size to fit the bill, do get in touch with us about our Bespoke Service. Our team will be happy to make a mat that meets your size requirements to fit in a particular space in the home, a crate or the car boot.

Top quality natural fabrics

We were determined that our beds would be attractive, as they are often on display in communal areas of the home, but without any compromise on function or longevity. We’ve chosen hard wearing, natural fabrics for the outer wool covers and wool fleece toppers. We offer a range of colours to suit many homes but if you have a particular fabric you would like to use, please contact us about the Bespoke Service and our team will be happy to discuss the project and create a dog bed in your choice of tweed.

Choice of toppers

We also have a choice of colour for the all wool fleece topper, either grey or natural. Some owners with dark coated dogs prefer the dark topper for practical reasons, although both the light and dark topper are easily cleaned by vacuuming, and all of the outer covers and mattress covers are machine washable at 30C. The wool topper provides a wonderfully comfortable sleeping environment but in addition is hypoallergenic, self-cleaning to a certain extent and helps with thermoregulation.

Washable Dog Beds that are Built To Last

Our quality orthopaedic mattresses are covered with a waterproof liner, underneath the fleece topper - so the mattress is protected should there be any spills. We use high density foam for the sides of the beds that retains its shape over time, even with plenty of head resting. The hard wearing fabrics stand up to plenty of use but should you wish to replace the mat or mattress cover, we sell spares in all colours and all sizes. Sometimes accidents happen and should the outer cover of the bed get ripped, we offer a Repair Service. We appreciate that buying a Red Dog Company bed or mat is an investment, so this service aims to prolong the life of the bed, moving away from a throw away culture and protecting our planet. Contact the team if you need to access this service and our factory can provide you with a quote.

Made in Britain from British Materials

All materials are of excellent quality and GB sourced. The manufacturing, from start to finish, is by a team of skilled seamstresses in the UK. As described above, we offer spare covers and a repair service to prolong the life of our beds and mats. We use only recyclable and compostable packaging materials. All in all, our aim is to minimise our Carbon footprint and tread lightly on our planet.

Alison Lambert MA VetMB MRCVS

Alison graduated from Cambridge University, in Veterinary medicine and surgery, in 1999. She initially worked in mixed practice before concentrating on domestic animals for the next 16 years. When Alison isn’t working as a vet, she is helping The Red Dog Company make the very best luxury dog beds and accessories available.